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Raptor Review from MotorTrend
Despite the size and weight of the massive truck, the Raptor is comfortable and easy to place. It's got ~11" suspension travel, heated seats, iPod connections and more.
Though it's a great daily driver, it's a beast off-road. Featuring a locking Limited Slip Differential in the rear, bead-locking wheels and an intelligent computer that reads the gradient of hills, it's an amazing truck for anyone with an adventurous spirit. Now I just need to make fifty grand…
Read More ...

The Big, Burly Ford Bronco
When it comes to sport/utility vehicles and crossovers, Ford is well represented with seven models. But Ford's history in this segment can be traced back by several generations and includes the Ford Bronco, an SUV initially designed to compete against International Harvester's Scout and the Jeep CJ-5.

For thirty years the Bronco dominated Ford's big SUV line up, eventually ceding sales to the Explorer and then ceding its position to the Expedition and Excursion. Today, the Excursion is gone, but the Expedition soldiers on where the Bronco once roamed. And, for history buffs, there was a Bronco II, a compact, top heavy SUV that was underpinned by the platform powering the Ford Ranger. Read More...

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Ford Truck Continue To Offer Industry Leadership
For more than three decades now, the Ford F-Series is the best selling truck line in North America. These full sized trucks, available in F-150, F-250, F-350, and Super Duty configuration are often considered to be the industry benchmark, the types of trucks every manufacturer wants to build year in and year out. Read More...

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